This is a platform for me to share inspiration with you, mostly from my little kitchen on the edge of the forest in Sussex, England.

 I'm a mother, chocolatier, DJ and lover of nature.

This is where you’ll find my small batch, bean to bar, un-roasted chocolate for sale.  I also invite you to get in touch if you would like to book a one-on-one or group chocolate workshop. 

 Im looking forward to hearing from you x


What others say.

Using art as an analogy, Laura’s bars are a work of edible art, not only beautiful and colourful, the taste combinations and the quality is sublime. I became a friend just by purchasing her alchemical delights. With integrity and love Laura’s creations can’t help but thrill, I’ve given some as gifts and have recommended her bars far and wide. I became a little addicted to her bars frankly and am desperately awaiting some. Lovely, beautiful woman who walks her talk and offers purchasers to suggest or vote for new blends. I adore her and her chocolate, amongst other things, inspirational doesn’t come close to how I view her.
— Michelle Brixton Bean to Bar Addict!
Laura, I want to say a huge thank-you for tonight. You truly are a goddess in the art of healthy living. I’m not a vegan, but if there is an inspiration to be then you are it. My friends were already living a healthy lifestyle and they were really impressed as well as inspired. Money well spent. Thank-you!
— Yao, London
I have been buying Launette’s chocolate for many years and there really is nothing else like it. Commercially made chocolate doesn’t even compare in both taste and quality. It’s what chocolate is meant to taste like - rich, smooth, full of flavour and naturally sweetened. My diabetic father also enjoys Launette’s chocolate as it’s far superior to store-bought diabetic chocolate which uses artificial sweeteners.
— Angie, Dorset