Pollen duo photos

I was thrilled to receive an email late last year from filmmaker/photographer duo, Pollen Docs. Building a portfolio together working with chefs and artists, they found me through Instagram and liked what I was doing. I was instantly attracted to their style, having worked with plant based chefs already, capturing them in a playful, exciting way. They asked me if I would be interested in working on a super short doc (coming soon) and some photos, which were taken by Carolina, the woman responsible for the beautiful photos shared here.  

Carolina LLamusi- Silbermann and Nick Lau are a pleasure to work with. They both bring their unique skills to the table. CaroLina has a passion for healthy, vibrant food and her eye is drawn to the colourful things in life. Nick is super professional with an eye for detail both technically and creatively. Not to mention the fact that we had such a fun day- I was instantly at ease and felt like I was working with old friends. They are just so passionate and interested. It really makes a difference to collaborate with people that not only have skills to make their vision come to life, but also genuinely want to learn more about their subject matter and immerse themselves in it. 


I look forward to doing another shoot with Carolina before summer is over to capture the magic light in the forest at its greenest and most abundant. 

Find them here : @pollen.docs | @carito.inspo (Carolina LLamusi- Silbermann and @cameraopnick (Nick Lau).

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